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2006 Cadillac CTS-V Used Oil Analysis Report

Transmission Fluid


C66 Racing team owner Brad Neff bought a 2006 Cadillac CTS-V as his daily driver in the fall of 2006.  The car was a used corporate car that had 7780 miles of use.  In an attempt to obtain information on the transmission's performance over time, as well as how the factory fluids compared to aftermarket alternatives such as AMSOIL, the team intends to draw used oil samples after each fluid change and submit them to  Blackstone Laboratories for analysis.


Used Oil Analysis History:
Oil AMSOIL ATF Factory Fill       Universal Lab Averages
Miles on oil 6,306 10,636        
Miles on unit 16,942 10,636        
Sample Date 1/11/09 6/10/07        
  ppm ppm       ppm
Aluminum 2 16       10
Chromium 0 1       1
Iron 47 120       97
Copper 5 7       28
Lead 3 4       25
Tin 0 0       1
Molybdenum 0 3       2
Nickel 1 1       1
Manganese 3 19       8
Silver 0 0       0
Titanium 1 0       0
Potassium 2 4       0
Boron 51 52       56
Silicon 35 157       28
Sodium 13 11       10
Calcium 258 22       1184
Magnesium 1 3       94
Phosphorus 410 203       714
Zinc 6 21       548
Barium 0 7       1
SUS Viscosity @ 210F 48.6 42.6       Range ~43-51
cSt Viscosity @ 100C 6.85 5.03       Range ~5.1-7.9
Insolubles 0.1 0.9        
  Actual Blackstone Report Actual Blackstone Report        


Initial Fill

The differential fluid initial fill was GM Factory Fill Dexron III fluid.


Oil Change 6-10-07

After 10,636 miles of driving, the transmission fluid was drained and replaced with AMSOIL Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF).  This version of the AMSOIL ATF was formulated to be suitable for both Dexron III and Dexron VI applications and had an initial viscosity of 6.8 cSt at 100C as indicated by this July 2007 AMSOIL Product Data Sheet.


Oil Change 1-11-09

After 6,306 miles of driving, the transmission fluid was drained and replaced with AMSOIL Torque-Drive™ Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATD).  The basis for this change was due to AMSOIL's re-evaluation of their fluid recommendations for the Tremec manual transmissions in GM applications.  AMSOIL had recommended the AMSOIL Universal ATF as the primary choice with the AMSOIL Torque Drive (ATD) as the alternate choice, but in late 2008, they changed their recommendation to the AMSOIL Torque Drive (ATD) as the primary choice and the AMSOIL Universal ATF as the alternate.  So that we could evaluate the AMSOIL Torque Drive (ATD) in our own vehicle and thus speak from experience when recommending this fluid to our customers, we chose to change out the AMSOIL Universal ATF for the AMSOIL Torque Drive (ATD). 


Our Evaluation of the Results:

- As evidenced by the viscosity of 6.85 cSt at 100C, the AMSOIL ATF did not shear down at all from its initial value of 6.8 cSt over the 6,306 miles of use.  Conversely, the factory fill Dexron III sheared down from a nominal value for a Dexron III fluid of about 7.3 cSt at 100C to 5.03 cSt in only 10,636 miles of use. 


Note: In May 2009, AMSOIL increased the viscosity of the AMSOIL ATF from 6.8 cSt to 7.6 cSt at 100C, removing its recommendation for Dexron VI applications and placing it primarily as a fluid suitable for Dexron III applications.  They also just released a new light duty ATF suitable for Dexron VI applications: AMSOIL Synthetic Low Viscosity Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATL)


Understanding the used oil analysis report


These two links to pages on Blackstone Laboratories website provide background on the elements in the used oil analysis report, as well as how to review and understand the report:

Understanding the Elements

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