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While Dealers can sell AMSOIL products, this is not the ideal means of distribution for many customers.  Potential customers often search for the products they need in the convenience and immediacy of a conventional retail outlet.  To meet the needs of these customers, AMSOIL offers the Retail On-the-Shelf Program.


Retail outlets can count on AMSOIL for products that deliver greater power, longer life, fewer emissions - top performance and top profits.  AMSOIL synthetic lubricants, high-tech oil and air filters, fuel additives and exterior-interior care products are formulated for peak performance, helping retailers to greater productivity, greater customer satisfaction and greater profitability.  AMSOIL will help deliver the top performance your business demands. 


Typical examples of Retail On-the-Shelf Accounts:

  • Auto Service Centers

  • Quick Lubes

  • Auto Parts Stores

  • Hardware Stores

  • Motorcycle, ATV, and Snowmobile Sales and Service Centers

  • Boating Sales and Service Centers

  • Transmission Repair Shops

  • Lawn and Garden Equipment Stores

There are many different types of businesses that can qualify to participate in the Retail On-the-Shelf Program.  The most basic qualifying factors are:

  • The business must be a retail seller, either of products exclusively or of products related to a service.

  • That the business not be a home business.  The business must be in a business location.

  • That AMSOIL not be the primary product or service of the business.

Retail On-the-Shelf Accounts purchase AMSOIL products direct from AMSOIL INC. at wholesale and sell them at retail, keeping the profit.  There is no cost for a retail outlet to sign up for a Retail On-the-Shelf Account, nor are there any minimum purchase requirements.  In addition, the AMSOIL Cooperative Advertising Plan for Retailers allows Retail Accounts to receive a credit toward costs of qualified advertising, as well as literature and promotional items.  


Products are shipped to Retail Accounts by AMSOIL, or they may also be picked up at AMSOIL Distribution Centers with no shipping charge.  A listing of AMSOIL Distribution Centers and their phone numbers is included in the G-1023 Retail On-The-Shelf Price List which is provided to all accounts.


To request more information on a Retail On-the-Shelf Account, or to request a Retail On-the-Shelf application packet, you may either complete the information request form on the AMSOIL Corporate Website:

AMSOIL Retail Account Information Request

        (Please use Referral #1206638)


or, please contact us at


For owners of businesses which have vehicles, equipment and machinery that use the quality lubricants and filters available in the AMSOIL product line, please click here for information on AMSOIL Commercial Accounts.