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2006 Cadillac CTS-V Used Oil Analysis Report

Engine Oil


C66 Racing team owner Bradford Neff bought a 2006 Cadillac CTS-V as his daily driver in the fall of 2006.  The car was a used corporate car that had 7780 miles of use.  In an attempt to obtain information on the engine's performance over time, as well as how the factory fluids compared to aftermarket alternatives such as AMSOIL, the team intends to draw used oil samples after each oil change and submit them to  Blackstone Laboratories for analysis.


Used Oil Analysis History:
Oil Mobil 1 5w30       Universal Lab Averages
Oil Filter AC Delco PF46        
Miles on Oil 2,856        
Miles on unit 10,636        
Sample Date 6/10/07        
Oil Life Monitor 25%        
  ppm       ppm
Aluminum 5       4
Chromium 1       1
Iron 26       24
Copper 139       102
Lead 10       6
Tin 1       1
Molybdenum 66       73
Nickel 1       1
Manganese 66       4
Silver 0       0
Titanium 0       0
Potassium 2       1
Boron 26       54
Silicon 26       19
Sodium 4       5
Calcium 2588       2404
Magnesium 14       26
Phosphorus 661       662
Zinc 841       832
Barium 0       0
TBN 3.6       Min 1.0
SUS Viscosity @ 210F 59.8       Range ~55-66
  Actual Blackstone Report        


Initial Fill

The engine oil and filter were changed by the dealer with GM Factory fill for the CTS-V; Mobil 1 5w30 oil and an AC Delco PF-46 oil filter when the car was purchased in October 2006.


Oil Change 6-10-07

After 2856 miles of driving, almost entirely short daily commutes of less than 10 miles, and with 25% showing on the GM Oil Life Monitor, the oil and filter were changed and replaced with AMSOIL Series 2000 0w30 and an AMSOIL EAO32 EA Oil Filter.


Blackstone's comments on the sample result:

Factory oil fills tend to have a lot of junk in them, so we're glad to see you've changed this particular fill of oil out early.  Once you get past the break-in stage, you'll be able to run the oil longer than this (about 4000 miles is average), but for now it's best to wash that extra stuff out of the block.  Copper will come down quite a ways over the next 20,000 miles.  The other metals will probably drop as well.  Silicon is from sealers and sand-casted parts, and it too should drop. The TBN read 3.6, still active additive left in the oil.  Check back to establish trends.


Our evaluation of the used oil analysis report:

- As evidenced by the SUS viscosity at 210F, the oil remained in grade for a 30 weight oil and did not shear low out of grade or thicken out of grade.

- As evidenced by the TBN of 3.6, the oil had life remaining and this sample probably could have been taken down to 0% remaining on the GM Oil Life Monitor.

- As evidenced by the ppm values for the wear metals, primarily aluminum, iron, copper and lead, the engine exhibited wear 8-66% above the universal lab averages.  This is a little disturbing given that the oil only had 2,856 miles on it, compared with the universal average of about 4,000 miles.  However, this may be explained by the relatively short duration of most of the car's use, and these numbers may come down as the engine completes its break-in.


Update 3-8-08 and 1-11-09:

Follow-on used oil analysis reports using the AMSOIL Series 2000 0w30 can be seen here:

Cadillac CTS-V AMSOIL Series 2000 0w30 Used Oil Analysis Reports


Understanding the used oil analysis report


These two links to pages on Blackstone Laboratories website provide background on the elements in the used oil analysis report, as well as how to review and understand the report:

Understanding the Elements

Understanding Your Gas/Diesel Engine Oil Report


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