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Engine Filtration


Engine Wear
Automotive experts agree dirt is the number one cause of engine wear. Analysis by Federal-Mogul Corporation reports that 43.4 percent of all engine bearing distress is caused by dirt. Engine dirt particles are so small – mere dust specks – and an engine is a highly sophisticated piece of machinery, crafted from the most durable metal alloys. How, then, can these minute particles bring down such a high-tech giant?


The answer lies in the fact that dirt particles are extremely abrasive. They consist of razor-like flakes of road dust and airborne grit drawn into the engine through the intake manifold, as well as manufacturing scarf and wear metal particles generated inside the engine. These particles are carried by the oil into the precision clearances between bearings and other moving parts. Once they work in between these parts, they grind and gouge surfaces, altering clearances and generating more abrasive debris. This wear cycle continues, making precision components sloppy and fatigued until they fail altogether.


Filtration is the key to preventing costly engine repairs caused by dirt. Filtration removes contaminants by trapping and holding them outside the system of oil circulation. In order for a filter to be truly effective, it must be able to capture contaminants of all types and sizes. AMSOIL has developed a complete line of sophisticated filtration products designed to offer the best protection available against virtually all harmful engine contaminants.


Air Filtration
An engine “breathes” air to mix with fuel for combustion – about 9,000 gallons of air for every gallon of gas. All that air contains more than 400 tons of suspended dirt in one cubic mile over a typical city, and the concentration is much higher in rural areas where travel frequently is over unpaved roads. The air filter is the first line of defense against the abrasive airborne grit that gets into an engine. In order to do the job right, the air filter must effectively filter the dangerous particles without obstructing the vital flow of air that sustains the engine. Conventional air filters quickly become obstructed with dirt, reducing vital engine air intake, leading to poor engine performance and low fuel efficiency. They require frequent replacement.


Oil Filtration
Full-flow oil filters install directly into the line of oil circulation. The “full- flow” of oil passes through the filter as the oil journeys between the oil pump and the engine. A full-flow filter must be able to remove and hold contaminants without obstructing oil flow to the engine. Most filters on the market compromise the filtration of finer particles by using a thin layer of porous filter paper. These filters have almost no extended cleaning ability since they have a low capacity for storing dirt. These “surface-type” paper filters quickly become restricted as debris builds up on the paper surface. When this happens, the filter by-pass valve opens and allows unfiltered oil into the engine.

By-Pass Oil Filtration
An average full flow filter traps particles as small as 20 microns. The filter can’t remove finer particles because the oil must be filtered quickly while removing most of the particles in the oil. However, particles in the 5 to 20 micron range cause up to 60 percent of all engine wear. Not only does the AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter trap particles in the 5 to 20 micron range, it traps particles significantly smaller.


Unlike the full-flow filter, a by-pass filter is attached outside the main line of oil circulation. The by-pass filter taps into the main line, bleeding off and cleaning only a portion of the oil at any one time. It retains the oil longer and does a thorough job of removing contaminants without the worry of obstructing oil circulation. Because the AMSOIL By-Pass Filter traps even the smallest of particles, it leaves oil analytically clean and free from harmful dirt particles. Although the AMSOIL By-Pass Filter draws only about 10 percent of the oil in the system at one time, it will filter all the oil in a six-quart system in about five minutes at an engine speed equivalent to 45 miles per hour.


Water Removal
As discussed earlier, engines accumulate water from intake air and fuel combustion. Water promotes rust and corrosion in engines. It also reacts with oil additives to reduce additive effectiveness. Water is particularly harmful in cars that are not driven often. The unique composition of the AMSOIL By- Pass filtering media allows the removal of water from engine oil. Even waterthat has been thoroughly churned into the oil by mechanical agitation is separated and safely stored in the cartridge, or filter element, eliminating the risk of oil degradation and engine rust and corrosion.


Reduces Oil Changes
By cleaning the oil so completely, the AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter not only prolongs engine life but also the life of the oil itself. With the AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter, oil changes can be extended well beyond normal, in many cases virtually indefinitely, depending upon the conditions and severity of use.


Dual Remote: Patented Protection

Available only from AMSOIL, the Dual Remote Oil Filtration System replaces conventional full flow filters, mounting in any convenient location in the engine, and gives full flow and by-pass oil filter protection. With Dual Remote, filter changes are quick, clean and easy. It also increases an engine’s oil capacity, helping oil work better, not harder.


Oil Analysis
By analyzing used engine oil, a qualified lab can determine the degree of protection the oil is delivering and make certain the oil has not been contaminated. Oil analysis also can detect impending engine failure. The AMSOIL TRIGARD Plan offers motorists AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil, AMSOIL Oil and Air Filters and oil analysis for their personal use vehicles. The AMSOIL G-1318 and G-1451 offer oil analysis for heavy duty diesel engines in commercial use. They also may be used for passenger car oil analysis. Oil analysis helps motorists derive the longest life from their AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil and from their engines.